Immersed in a culture of innovation our directors with experience in other technology companies have identified the market's need for more flexible companies to foster innovation. In a market where scope is not the most important but creativity, the ability to adapt and evolve quickly, we created a company focused on the concept of business partner, where delivery is not the ultimate goal but customer success.

Meet the team

Our directors


Luiz Eugênio Martins

Commercial Director

Entrepreneur active in various areas, including technology and construction, Director of the Marsal Group for over 30 years in the market, already participating in more than 50 real estate developments in Curitiba, Rondonópolis, Guarapuava, Bahia. He specializes in horizontal condominiums, subdivisions, residential and commercial condominiums with expertise in large projects, with strategic vision and experience in sales, financial, administrative, logistics and development, open to new technologies and innovations, always considered the market front.


João Pedro Novochadlo

Innovation Director

At just 27 years old, the Creative Technologist from Curitiba combined his programming and technology experiences with his artistic and communicative creativity to develop innumerable innovation projects, thus accumulating recognition and awards. Among the solutions developed, Veever stands out, an application that facilitates the mobility and interaction of visually impaired people in urban environments.


Leonardo Custodio

Technology Director

Doctor, software engineer and expert in artificial intelligence focused on conversational interfaces, Santa Catarina accumulates a large repertoire of professional experiences. Responsible for creating solutions such as Nissan's service robot, Veever and even games like SuperPads Lights. In addition to accumulating numerous awards in programming marathons, he is also an alumni and former mentor of the Apple Developer Academy and was part of the first edition of HiPUC, where he was trained and mentored with the Stanford Biodesign innovation process.